MSK Therapy & Injury Management Offers Expanded Services to Improve Health and Wellness

August 04 14:24 2020
MSK Therapy & Injury Management Offers Expanded Services to Improve Health and Wellness

Smeaton Grange, NSW – MSK Therapy & Injury Management has a team of chiropractic experts who are committed to helping patients who come into the clinic live a pain-free life. The team of chiropractic experts is constantly researching the next best step to improve the human body, deal with pain arising from injuries and others which are indicative of a deeper-lying health concern.

Having treated hundreds of patients over the years, MSK Therapy & Injury Management goes one step further to announce the expansion of their services. The expansion of the services offered at the chiropractic clinic is aimed at offering relief to patients by combining one or more tested and trusted treatment therapies.

At the announcement of their expanded chiro practice, the spokesperson for the Narellan chiropractor noted that the facility now offers, in addition to the chiropractic approach to addressing health conditions, dry needling, MSK Therapy, as well as massage therapy solutions.

“The Musculoskeletal System. A multifaceted system comprising 206 bones and its interaction between muscles, ligaments, and tendons forming joints allowing you to perform complex movements. The motion of our lives, injury, and dysfunctional movement patterns affect our MSK. MSK Therapy provides unrushed and individually tailored Chiropractic care, striving to deliver the highest quality in treatment, education, and rehabilitation of your MSK to enable optimal health and performance. Living without pain has never been so easy. Life can move at a fast pace and your body should not slow you down. We focus on your body’s mobility and free it of its limitations so you can live a healthier and unrestricted life. There should be no reason to hold back if your MSK system is up to the task,” said the spokesperson for the chiropractic clinic.

Members of the community suffering pain and discomfort in areas of their body can visit the chiropractic clinic for an individualized chiropractic treatment service that addresses common painful and discomforting conditions. Some of the common conditions addressed at the clinic include back pain, neck pain or stiffness, sciatica, headaches, repetitive strains, arm pain, leg pain, arthritic pain, and sports injuries.

With the expansion of their services to incorporate dry needling – involving the use of sterile, single-use, fine filament needles that are inserted into the muscles by trained practitioners, the clinic now addresses an even wider range of conditions including sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems, bruises and swelling, chronic pain, tendonitis, joint problems, jaw and mouth problems like TMJ Disorder, pelvic pains, night cramps, phantom pain as well as post-herpetic neuralgia.

MSK Therapy & Injury Management also offers physiotherapy services that treat disorders in the nerves, joints, and muscles, as well as massage therapy aimed at treating soft tissue injuries as well as ease tension and stress from the muscles of the body.

The combination of two or more of these therapeutic solutions offer patients relief from pain and discomfort and also improves their body’s natural ability to heal.

Visit MSK Therapy & Injury Management at Shop 3/73-77 Anderson Rd, Smeaton Grange, NSW, 2567, or call (02) 4648 3653. For more information, send an email to Ramon Lam via [email protected] or visit their website at


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