Utilizing Internal Power Against Unbearable Life Chaos

February 05 19:58 2018

5 February, 2018 – Prominent 3-in-1 Coach (therapeutical, counseling and healing coach) and founder of Ultimate-self Mastery Academy shares a side of her life experience and how her skills have been a means of immense assistance to solving critical life issues for people in the recent years.

Believing the very illustrious Dr Wilson Angela to be a former victim of negative life experiences may seem unimaginable, especially with the number of great success and accolades received as she has helped out many from their hopeless state to living in freedom once again.

The outstanding life coach was born unwanted by her Chinese parents, her mother made this obvious every day, abusing her physically and emotionally as she regrets she should have drowned her, what a world!

Dr Wilson who is now famous for her giant strides of helping people enjoy the experience in business, career and personal life once lived her life with great depression, anxiety and darkest situations others would have attempted suicide.

The Chinese-Australian born had to go around all life with an incorrect birthdate as parents never mind to correct that even when she was eighteen, she always got booed and reminded of the pain her birth cause, no wonder she was never appreciated, not even a single birthday gift in those growing days.

“I carried a lot of shame in me as parents said: Your tears are not even as valuable as the piss from rats. So I was addicted to chatting for love from my relationship and in-law’s family.”
– DR Wilson.

At age twenty Angela had to escape from home to stop the impending decision to commit suicide, after going through lots of rigors, which includes disfigurement from own sister who was triggered emotionally by parents. At twenty her blood condition was more delicate than someone in the late fifties.

During this crucial time, the complexity of this symptom shocked doctors and left them speechless due to the unexplainable conflicting data in the report, which also includes cancer and lupus.

Despite all these Angela Wilson scales through to become an outstanding professional as an Entrepreneur, but in various spheres of life which includes being an inspirational speaker, a mentor, a coach and everything she is today.

“I am a living proof of surviving from inextricable problems and impossible situations of life, like many others I lived in hell despite being born to a decent family of doctors. With the fear of being killed or abandoned, I lived in hell each day… too much-overloaded tension inside. Each night, when everyone else was sleeping, I started to clean up and get them disappeared. I survived, so I know the magic of our internal power.”Dr. Wilson

Dr. Angela Wilson became a master of her problems and situations, using the internal power; she was able to go through all those stages of life yet coming out outstanding. 

Dr. Wilson enjoyed hundred percent freedom from emotional suffering and not just became a name to reckon with but a life coach helping people worldwide remotely get over their lives critical situations, restoring them on track and helping them become master of destinies. 

One of the paramount lessons to be learned is taking note that everything that happens in life is controllable depending on whatever permission prompted. 

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Ever thought of living in freedom with the ability of mastery and fulfilling destiny?

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